Friday, July 25, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Things I Would Never Wear in Lolita

DISCLAIMER: I'm not going to apologize for every single thing I don't personally prefer in my own wardrobe. If you like these things, then that is awesome! I could very well change my mind in the future. It's all *personal* preference.

My style tends to be all over the place. I make most of my pieces, so when I see a fabric I really like, I just go with it. Though, I tend to lean towards dark colors. So, it was hard for me to think of things I wouldn't wear, considering I'm willing to try almost anything once.

Baby/Toy Prints

I consider the fashion I wear an expression of myself. I'm that person who doesn't care for children, can't tell them apart, and refuses to have any. Wearing a toy print would go against my personality.

Plus, Lolitas have a hard enough time trying to convince people we aren't age-players. Wearing a toy print doesn't make it any easier.

Huge Pony Fall Wigs

Here is an example of how I've changed my mind over time. I own a huge, pony falls wig. I bought it from Gothic Lolita Wigs for $40ish. I find it to be too heavy for my head, and after a while it really starts to bother me. It's hard to maintain as well. It gets tangled into a rats nest if I look at it the wrong way.

My issue with the trend over all, is that it's over done. Huge, pony falls wigs are like a new song on the radio. You love it at first, you buy the album, put the song on repeat. Eventually, you are tired of that song, but you can't escape it. It just keeps playing.

I like having a base to layer a bunch of hair accessories, but I think at this point I'll just get a hime wig to achieve the same look.

On a similar vein, I won't wear a bright wig either. I would wear one that has natural color blended in, but a bright pink or mint wig is not for me. Especially one that's one half bright pink and one half mint.


I like the look on other people, but the OTT dresses that Baby releases just don't do it for me. Just stuff on stuff on stuff. 3 layers of ruffles, 4 kinds of ribbon that make up the 20 bows sewn on the bodice and all over skirt, and miles of pintucks. It's just too much. And the price reflects to work involved in the detail, I can appreciate it, but I can't drop $600-$1200 on a dress that I can't wear to the mall for a meet.

I think a dress like this is more of a party dress. Wear it to an evening party or a high tea event, but other than that it would just sit in my closet like a wedding dress.


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